Weller-Black Wine Celebration

Weller-Black Wine Celebration
A "Wine Cellar Celebration" catered by Chef Robin

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gluten Free Vegan~Vegetarian Specialties~ Food and Wine Menu

~Vegetarian Specialties~

Vegetable Brown Rice Sushi Rolls
Japanese rice is treated with some rice vinegar, a little sea salt and a sprinkling of organic sugar then rolled up with fresh veggies in a Nori wrap-served with pickled ginger, wasabi & soy- spicylicious!
`New Age White`…  with a little lemon
Toasted Quinoa & Vegetable Soup Au Pistou
A power packed with nutrition soup that is delish, hearty & flavorful, too! Quinoa is a tiny grain that is high in protein and gluten free- it has a chewy-nutty flavor and texture and is also packed with potassium! Enjoy your fave fresh seasonal veggies in this one! The au pistou on the top is packed with flavors & essential oils.
`3 Girls Chardonnay`
Triple Bean Smashed Tostadas
Canned beans make for a huge time saver in the kitchen, and a pocket friendly choice for people who are trying to eat healthy on a budget and need quick meals…rumor has it that you should eat a half cup of beans a day- for their wonderful fiber, macrobiotics, protein, etc. Adding in great roasted peppers, chipotles, fresh cilantro, garlic and guacamole- you have a quick, tasty family pleasing meal in record time!
`Dry Creek Fume Blanc`
Organic Kaleriffic Salad
I adapted this recipe from one I had found in a Yoga magazine, from a health spa in California. Kale is a packed with vitamin K, antioxidants, calcium and fiber- vibrant in color and texture, no wonder it is called a “Superfood”! Add in fresh Crimini mushrooms, red onions, wild blueberry balsamic vinaigrette & toasted hazelnuts, YUM!
`Cupcake Pinot Noir`
Nutty Date Bar
Dates are a natural sweet ending to a meal, and have been popular in a Mediterranean diet for years- fruit at the end of dinner! Add in some antioxidant rich cocoa powder and some healthy nuts- and you have a great energy bar-easy to make and from your own kitchen!
`Dows Port Cocktail`
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