Weller-Black Wine Celebration

Weller-Black Wine Celebration
A "Wine Cellar Celebration" catered by Chef Robin

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FamMenu for the week!

Here's What's New....Straight Off The Chef's Knife!

MEATLESS MONDAY: we had smashed bean tacos with hot sauce & white cheddar, Constance made a lovely fruit & vegetable platter, and we had Freddie's chocolate awesomeness cake!

TUESDAY: lasagna, grilled garlic toasts, sautéed broccoli with garlic & crushed red pepper, fresh strawberries

WEDNESDAY: Grilled Mediterannean chicken with Israeli cous cous & lentil pilaf, honeyed carrots & garlicky green beans

THURSDAY: Mexican Style Black Bean & Rice Casserole, chips & salsa, fresh fruit

FRIDAY: Pizza!!!  We have been doing a lot of basic cheese pizza. Check out my Pinterest page for a great homemade pizza sauce recipe. (It's under the board "Looks Like Dinner")

SATURDAY: breaking out the grill. I am thinking burgers, pasta salad, grilled veggies and a big bowl of fresh fruit

SUNDAY: sesame chicken over basmati Rice with stir fried veggies and orange wedges(a daddy fave:)

Have a great week! :0)

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Taste of Summer!