Weller-Black Wine Celebration

Weller-Black Wine Celebration
A "Wine Cellar Celebration" catered by Chef Robin

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FamMenu For THIS WEEK!!!

Here's What's New....Straight Off The Chef's Knife!

The wonder of September begins! School is in session, a change of seasons, football, cool nights, Indian summer days surrounded by the gorgeousness of the falling colorful leaves... Add in the crunch a fall stride through the woods, fresh apple cider and sugary cinnamon crisp donuts- ahhh my all time favorite season- Autumn!  

One more HOT week is upon us, for sure, though, so we won't be roasting anything in the oven quite yet  this week!

Here's what we've had and are having for the hectic week FamMenu:


MONDAY: after a farewell to "the Cobbage" .... :( it was leftover city USA around here- buffalo chicken chili, da' bomb dip & tortilla chips.... Then it was in to bedtime for the school & working' crew!


TUESDAY:we had a freezer/cupboard clean out meal- I made spaghetti from a few opened, half empty boxes, and rallied two sets of two different kinds of turkey burgers out of the depths of the freezer to make a meat sauce, a few herbs and some tomato sauce, and voila, dinner was served! Rounded out with a delish heirloom tomato & basil -both fresh from the herb  garden & my Tonce's garden- salad and a leftover loaf of Italian bread from the weekend, crisped up under the broiler.

WEDNESDAY: doesn't this look yummy? Very fall harvest like!- lean chicken, sweet potatoes, apples, Brussels sprouts & yummy spices- I stumbled upon it in my fave catalog, Penzey's Spice:) how can you go wrong with the motto: "Love People, Cook them tasty food"

I'll let you know if it's a hit!


THURSDAY:  grilled wild caught salmon, with herbs & honey Dijon drizzle, sautéed organic broccolette & portabella mushrooms, quinoa pilaf- Christina in particular LOVES quinoa:) (my cute lil' first grader!)


Friday: pizza of some sort, probably Papa Murphy's.... AftEr a long day of deliveries, Ant's official first day of day are, an out of town working week for hubs and a short yet long first week of school for the other four kiddos, a relaxing night at home is what I am banking on!:)


Saturday: Caroline has been asking if she can make a recipe out of one my plethora of cookbooks- I think this is the night! Some sweet & sour type meatball recipe from my KitchenAid cookbook... Will add in some great local finds from the Rockford Farm Market- will be there from 8am-1pm with Hummus!:)


SUNDAY: breakfast for dinner perhaps, pumpkin pancakes with Michigan maple syrup & yummy streusel, sautéed zestar apples(a GREAT variety that literally taste like fresh apple cider, yumola), a new Amylu chicken breakfast sausage- sugar house maple! The label shows a nice short list of ingredients, no nitrites or nitrates- woohoo! 


Hope you all had a great start to the school year! :)

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